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Cam’ron Recounts Tense Encounter with Ben Simmons at NBA Game



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Cam’ron recently shared an intense encounter with NBA player Ben Simmons during a Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets game at the Arena. The Dipset rapper, known for his vocal criticism of Simmons, detailed the incident on the latest episode of his sports show, It Is What It Is, co-hosted with Ma$e.

Cam’ron expressed surprise at seeing Simmons, remarking, “Damn, I forgot this n-gga still in the NBA?!” As he approached Simmons near the VIP entrance, tensions escalated. The rapper admitted that he didn’t want to engage in a confrontation and preferred a straightforward conversation.

He recounted the encounter, saying, “I’m looking like, ‘This isn’t gonna go good because I’ma go crazy, my n-gga.’ So he looks and comes my way and just walks past me. And I’m like, ‘Why would you play these games with me?’ If you don’t like what I say, I rather a n-gga just be like, ‘Yo Cam, I wasn’t feeling that shit.'”

Cam’ron issued a direct message to Simmons, urging him to be honest about his feelings. He warned that he was willing to make Simmons’ life difficult by buying every ticket behind the Nets’ bench and threatening harm to his knees.

“Stop playing games, B. Especially when you’re 6-foot-10. I’m going for your knees, pause. And then I’m buying season tickets to the Nets game […] I don’t fight fair! You don’t know what street I’m from. First thing I’m looking for is every loose chair — and the garbage can is right there. I’m looking for every object possible. It might be two-season ending the sh-t I’ma do. If you think I’ma shoot the fair one, you out your mind. The n-gga’s 6-foot-10!”

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This isn’t the first time Cam’ron has criticized Simmons. In October 2022, he told Simmons to “go fuck with the Kardashians” if he had lost passion for basketball. In March of the same year, after a lost bet to Ma$e, Cam’ron urged Simmons to “get the f-ck out of New York,” calling him a “disgrace” and suggesting the Sixers take him back.

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