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Drake Sets $3M Price Tag for Air Drake Private Jet Experience



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During a recent conversation on Adin Ross’s livestream, Drake disclosed that a staggering $3 million is the required fee for a ride on his private jet, Air Drake. As the two engaged in banter on the stream, Ross, known for his fluctuating financial status, expressed confidence in securing the funds for this luxurious experience. However, Drake was quick to clarify that there would be no “friends and family discount” for Air Drake – it’s a flat $3 million or nothing.

Air Drake, a personalized Boeing 767-200, was acquired by Drake through a strategic partnership with Cargojet. The jet features a distinctive sky blue and white exterior, designed by the late Virgil Abloh, Drake’s close friend. Internally, the jet boasts a fully customized interior akin to a five-star hotel, complete with three private suites and two living rooms.

Adin Ross seems poised to work towards the $3 million goal following a recent clash with 21 Savage. The UK-born Atlanta rapper pledged to pay Ross $400,000 after it was revealed that his crew had used marked cards during a gambling stream. Despite 21 Savage’s denial of knowledge regarding the marked cards, he committed to settling his debt with Ross, who, at one point during the stream, owed him $120,000.

While some online critics questioned the authenticity of the situation, suggesting it could be staged for internet clicks, others took the opportunity to criticize 21 Savage for his involvement. The rapper faced accusations of shady behavior, with comments pointing out the impact on his recent album’s performance. Amidst the online speculation, the question remains: Is Adin Ross orchestrating drama for content, or did 21 Savage genuinely attempt a hustle? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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