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Jacquees Accuses Trey Songz of Assault in Dubai, 50 Cent Weighs In



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In a social media storm, Jacquees has accused Trey Songz of initiating a physical altercation with him in Dubai, sharing a photo of what he claims is hair ripped out during the brawl. Jacquees vented his frustrations in a video, vehemently expressing his disdain for Trey Songz and detailing the alleged incident. He accused Trey Songz of using inappropriate language inside the club, referencing the topic of rape, and later physically assaulting him outside. Jacquees labeled Trey Songz as a derogatory term, emphasizing his dissatisfaction.

50 Cent couldn’t resist chiming in on the controversy and took to Instagram to share the photo of Jacquees’ purportedly ripped-out hair. In his post, 50 Cent suggested that R&B artists shouldn’t be underestimated, stating, “These R&B [ninjas] is cr*zy. I told yall No R&B LOL. I’M SORRY CAN’T PUT THEM TOGETHER. THEY THINK EVERYBODY THINK THEY SOFT So they pop off.”

In response to the situation, Jacquees returned to social media, accusing Trey Songz of being guilty of all the allegations against him. Trey Songz is currently facing serious accusations, including rape and sexual assault. Jacquees also invoked his religious beliefs, claiming that he faces intense challenges from the devil because he is “really with Jesus.”

As of now, Trey Songz has not directly responded to Jacquees’ claims. However, he shared a photo on social media, seemingly unfazed, enjoying a boat ride and promoting his Love Hard tour. The controversy continues to unfold, with fans eagerly awaiting further developments.

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