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Leaked Bodycam Footage Emerges 6 Years After XXXTENTACION’s Murder



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Nearly six years have passed since the tragic murder of XXXTENTACION, a haunting event etched into the memory of his fans. The young rapper fell victim to a premeditated robbery outside a store in Florida, succumbing to fatal gunshot wounds. While cellphone videos of the aftermath circulated online shortly after the incident, recently leaked bodycam footage from one of the responding officers adds a somber layer to the tragedy.

The leaked video, although not graphic, offers a glimpse into the immediate aftermath of the shooting. It captures the actions of law enforcement as they interact with witnesses, jotting down notes while individuals recount the harrowing events they witnessed. The footage, reminiscent of the eerie images that surfaced in the aftermath of the shooting, resurfaces old wounds for fans of the late rapper.

The circumstances surrounding the emergence of this footage remain unclear, yet its release serves as a stark reminder of the loss suffered by XXXTENTACION’s fans. Uploaded to YouTube, the clip has garnered only a few thousand views, highlighting the subdued reception of this grim reminder.

Amidst this solemn revelation, a heartwarming viral moment involving X’s son has brought a different perspective to light. Participating in the “one bad word” TikTok challenge, X’s son opted not to utter any profanities but instead showcased his Spider-Man prowess. Additionally, the young boy recently modeled for the latest release from X’s fashion brand, Revenge.

As discussions arise regarding the appropriateness of making such footage publicly available, the community is left to reflect on the legacy of XXXTENTACION and the impact of his untimely passing. What are your thoughts on the leaked bodycam footage? Should videos like these be accessible to the public? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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