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Lil Nas X Responds Indirectly to Dave Chappelle’s Stand-Up Roast



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Following Dave Chappelle’s humorous recounting of a meeting with Lil Nas X at a party in his recent stand-up special, the Grammy-winning artist has responded indirectly via Twitter. In a quote-tweet on Wednesday (January 3), Lil Nas X shared a clip of Chappelle’s special, titled The Dreamer, where the comedian jokingly referred to him as “the gayest n-gga that ever lived.”

Referencing Chappelle’s remarks, the 24-year-old wrote, “Yall gotta let call me by your name go,” alluding to his hit song and addressing the satanism allegations. He added, “Me and the devil broke up 3 years ago. yall acting like children of divorce.”

Chappelle’s stand-up comedy special, released on the last day of 2023, includes a segment where he playfully roasts Lil Nas X, describing their encounter at a party. Chappelle humorously reflects on how he didn’t recognize Lil Nas X initially but noted the powerful dream-like atmosphere surrounding him at the event. The comedian recalls Lil Nas X approaching him and mentioning an attempt to include him in a video, leaving Chappelle perplexed about the reference.

While Lil Nas X hasn’t directly commented on the encounter, his tweet suggests a light-hearted response to Chappelle’s playful jabs.

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