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Mase Defends Use of “Pause” Amid Controversy



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In a recent episode of “It Is What It Is,” Mase addressed the ongoing controversy surrounding the use of the term “pause” on the show. The term, often used to signal discomfort or to distance oneself from perceived homosexual connotations in speech, has drawn criticism for its potential homophobic implications. However, Mase argued that he and his co-host Cam’ron are justified in using it, citing the endorsement of Saucy Santana, an openly gay artist.

Despite facing backlash for their use of “pause,” Mase pointed to Saucy Santana’s own use of the term as validation. “For all of you guys that’s getting mad at us by saying ‘pause,’ Saucy Santana even says ‘pause.’ He co-signs us — we’re good,” Mase stated during the episode. However, it remains unclear whether Saucy Santana explicitly approves of Mase’s use of the term.

Meanwhile, Cam’ron, Mase’s co-host, has acknowledged the controversy surrounding “pause” and admitted that its usage has become ingrained in their show’s dynamic. Despite attempts to curb its use, Cam’ron expressed difficulty in avoiding it due to audience expectations and reactions. “Sometimes I try to take it out,” Cam’ron explained in a previous interview. “But as soon as I do somebody’s in the comments like, ‘Yo, that’s cr*zy, Cam. How you ain’t say pause?'”

The ongoing debate surrounding the use of “pause” underscores broader conversations about language, humor, and sensitivity in contemporary media. While Mase and Cam’ron maintain their stance that their usage is justified, critics continue to question the appropriateness and impact of such language. As discussions persist, the controversy surrounding “pause” serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding language and its interpretation in modern discourse.

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