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Nicki Minaj Reflects on Bond with Barbz, Teases Pink Friday 2 World Tour



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Nicki Minaj has always cherished the strong connection she shares with her devoted Barbz fanbase, and she recently offered insights into their unwavering loyalty and support since their inception in 2009.

In a tweet shared on Tuesday (February 20), the Queens rapper affectionately acknowledged the lengths her fans would go to defend her, emphasizing that they are more than just admirers – they are family.

“I be tryna tell y’all nobody is exempt. #ACGI ANYBODY CAN GET IT,” she began. “It don’t matter WHO start it, the barbz ALWAYS finish it. I been doin this shit for a long time now & every-time I ever tried to warn ppl that the barbz are different, they had to learn the hard way.”

Minaj then shared some valuable lessons she has learned about the Barbz over the years, highlighting their unwavering loyalty, resilience, and playful spirit. She underscored their ability to support her while engaging in friendly banter and playful retaliation against detractors.

Ahead of her Pink Friday 2 World Tour, set to commence in Oakland, California on March 1, 2024, Minaj has been busy preparing for the highly anticipated live performances. The North American leg of the tour, featuring Monica, will traverse major cities across the country, promising an electrifying experience for fans.

In addition to Monica, Minaj has expressed interest in having comedian Katt Williams join the tour. During an Instagram Live session, she reached out to her Barbz to gauge their support for bringing Williams on board, highlighting his comedic prowess and potential contribution to the tour’s entertainment value.

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As anticipation builds for the Pink Friday 2 World Tour, fans eagerly await further announcements regarding the tour lineup and any potential surprises Minaj has in store for her loyal Barbz.

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