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Rich The Kid Engages Fans in Italy with Live Rendition of “Carnival” from Vultures 1 Album



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After a Vultures event in Italy, Rich The Kid delighted fans by joining them in a spirited sing-along to his track “Carnival,” featured on the collaborative album Vultures 1 with Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign. Captured on video and circulating across social media platforms, the moment encapsulates the infectious energy of the song and its resonance with audiences.

As the clip surfaced on Instagram courtesy of Our Generation Music, fans took to the comments section to express their admiration for the track’s success. Amidst the praise, some defended Rich The Kid against claims of “milking the song,” highlighting its global popularity. Others marveled at the fans’ vocal resemblance to the track’s sample, underscoring its impact.

Despite the acclaim surrounding Vultures 1, its release hasn’t been without hurdles. The album faced temporary removals from streaming platforms due to disputes with original distributor FUGA and challenges in clearing samples, notably from artists like Donna Summer and Ozzy Osbourne. Rich The Kid addressed these setbacks in a tweet, expressing gratitude for the support despite the obstacles encountered.

While Vultures 1 continues to make waves, Rich The Kid remains focused on his solo endeavors, notably his upcoming album Life’s A Gamble, set to follow his 2020 release Boss Man. As anticipation builds for his new project, fans eagerly await further updates on Rich The Kid’s musical journey.

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