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Snoop Dogg Mourns the Loss of Half-Brother Bing Worthington



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Today, Snoop Dogg took to social media to announce the passing of his half-brother, Bing Worthington, at the age of 44. In a series of heartfelt posts, the rapper honored his late brother, sharing cherished memories and photos, including a touching shot of Bing alongside their late mother, Beverly Tate. The cause of Bing’s death has not yet been disclosed.

“Bac wit momma,” Snoop Dogg captioned one of the photos, recalling Bing’s ability to always bring laughter to their lives. He also posted a short clip of himself, Bing, and their brother Jerry visiting what appears to be their mother’s grave in a cemetery. Friends and fans have poured out their condolences in the rapper’s comments section, reflecting on the memories they shared with Bing.

In addition to being his brother, Bing collaborated with Snoop Dogg over the years, initially serving as a roadie before becoming his tour manager. Bing also pursued his own musical endeavors with the group Lifestyle, releasing several albums before transitioning to work behind the scenes. In recent years, he established a music studio and production company, merging his label Dogg Records with the Canadian label Urban Heat Legends.

The sad news of Bing’s passing comes shortly after Snoop Dogg’s daughter, Cori Broadus, experienced a “severe stroke.” Despite the scare, the 24-year-old has since made what appears to be a full recovery. Cori suffers from Lupus, a condition that can heighten the risk of stroke. In a recent interview with People, Snoop Dogg discussed the frightening ordeal, indicating that it has prompted him to reflect on life’s fragility.

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