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Solange Reveals Rare Career Regret: Missed Opportunity to Collaborate with Katt Williams



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Renowned R&B artist Solange opens up about a missed opportunity in her career, expressing regret for not collaborating with comedian Katt Williams on her critically acclaimed album “A Seat At The Table.” In an extensive interview for her cover story in Harper’s Bazaar, Solange disclosed that she had planned to work with Williams but ultimately missed the chance to make it happen.

Despite already boasting a stellar lineup of collaborators on the album, including Lil Wayne, Sampha, and Kelly Rowland, Solange revealed that she had intended to feature Williams’ unique talent on her project. However, she admitted to “fumbling the ball” when she approached him backstage after one of his shows.

While the revelation about Williams stirred interest among fans, it wasn’t the only surprising detail to emerge from Solange’s interview. She also announced her foray into composing music on the tuba, a departure from her previous work. This unexpected shift in creative direction drew comparisons to Andre 3000’s venture into ambient jazz with his solo debut album last year.

With Solange’s potential collaboration with Katt Williams sparking curiosity among fans, many are left wondering about the sound and style that could have resulted from such a crossover. Would you have liked to hear what they could have created together? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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