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Tia Kemp Fires Shots at BossMan Dlow Over DM Claims



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Tia Kemp is known for her no-holds-barred approach when it comes to calling out individuals online, and this time, rapper BossMan Dlow found himself in her crosshairs. After hearing allegations that she slid into his DMs on Clubhouse, Kemp wasted no time in setting the record straight and hitting back with her own claims.

Taking to her social media platforms, Kemp unleashed a tirade against BossMan Dlow, alleging that he once tried to recruit her for a music video but couldn’t afford her fee. She accused him of attempting to capitalize on her recent viral videos to boost his own profile, painting a picture of opportunism on his part.

While the exchange may seem petty and fueled by unsubstantiated claims, it’s par for the course for Kemp, who has built a reputation for her unfiltered online presence. Unfortunately, her ongoing feud with ex-partner Rick Ross continues to escalate, spilling over into their respective families and adding further toxicity to the situation.

Kemp’s penchant for airing grievances extends beyond BossMan Dlow, with recent claims involving Rick Ross allegedly being involved with Gucci Mane’s wife, Keyshia Ka’oir, during his time in prison. Despite denials from Keyshia, Kemp remains undeterred, doubling down on her narrative.

In a recent bizarre turn of events, Kemp targeted several other celebrities, including Jay-Z, Shannon Sharpe, and DJ Khaled, in a scathing Instagram roast. While her unabashed defense of her perspective is commendable in some respects, the cease-and-desist threats looming overhead suggest that tensions may soon reach a breaking point.

For those following the latest developments on Tia Kemp and her ongoing disputes, stay tuned for more updates and news.

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