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UPDF Apprehends Armed Congolese Militants in Uganda: Unmasking the Maimai Kabido Affiliation”



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Yesterday, two Congolese nationals were apprehended in Uganda, armed with AK-47 SMGs and multiple rounds of ammunition. Brigadier Commander Lt. Col. Robert Nahamya confirmed their arrest, revealing their affiliation with the Maimai Kabido, an armed group in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) 23rd battalion intercepted them in Kyeshero, Kanungu district. The detained individuals admitted to being members of the Maimai militia group in the DRC. Nahamya emphasized the commitment of the Ministry of Defence, Veteran Affairs, and UPDF to safeguarding Uganda’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Maimai militia, notorious for heinous acts such as mutilation, sexual violence, child soldier recruitment, and harming unborn children, is one of several active rebel groups operating in Eastern DRC. It was founded by Gedeon Kyungu Mutanga in September 2011 to purportedly protect local communities in Katanga province against other armed groups.

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