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21 Savage Commits to Paying $400K After Gambling Stream Controversy with Adin Ross



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Following a controversial gambling stream, 21 Savage has committed to paying Adin Ross $400K after the streamer exposed that the rapper’s entourage had introduced marked cards during their gambling session. Although 21 denied any knowledge of the cards, he expressed his commitment to settling the debt, ensuring Ross receives the full owed amount. At one point during the stream, 21 Savage faced a $400K deficit but managed a comeback, ultimately leaving Ross with a $120K debt.

Despite 21’s assurance, online commentators criticized the rapper for what seemed like questionable behavior. Some labeled him a “bum” and attributed his alleged actions to the perceived underperformance of his recent album. However, not everyone is convinced of the authenticity of the situation, with some suggesting it could be a staged drama orchestrated by Ross for internet attention. Share your thoughts on whether Ross might be fabricating the drama or if 21 genuinely attempted to hustle him in the comments.

In another noteworthy on-stream incident, Ross, along with fellow content creator Vitaly, participated in the apprehension of an alleged pedophile in late January. The situation escalated when they compelled the mostly unclothed individual to drink from a dog bowl while wearing a leash held by Ross, before handing him over to local law enforcement. The terms of the arrangement with the arresting officers for filming the stunt remain unclear.

This episode was part of a “pedo hunt,” a recurring segment run by Vitaly in which Ross has previously been involved. While some praised the capture of the alleged pedophile, others criticized Ross and Vitaly for potentially exploiting the situation for engagement and raised concerns about their behavior bordering on harassment. Additionally, the legitimacy of the event was questioned, given that the police seemingly allowed Ross and Vitaly to coerce the individual into drinking from a dog bowl without intervention.

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