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2Pac Murder Suspect Keefe D’s Trial Delayed, New Trial Date Set



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he trial for Keefe D, a suspect in the murder of 2Pac, has been postponed, pushing the proceedings back by several months.

As reported by ABC 13 in Las Vegas on Tuesday (February 20), Keefe D’s new attorney, Carl “E.G.” Arnold, requested the delay, citing the need for additional time to review the discovery materials related to the case.

Originally slated to commence on June 3, the trial is now rescheduled for November 4, following Arnold’s plea for an extension.

During a hearing on Tuesday, Arnold expressed confidence in his client’s eventual acquittal, stating, “He’s upbeat that he can possibly get out of here real soon.” Arnold emphasized the necessity for the prosecution to present evidence regarding the alleged firearm, vehicle, and Keefe D’s whereabouts in Las Vegas at the time of the incident.

Last month, Keefe D opted to replace his public defenders with Arnold, a Howard University School of Law graduate recognized in the legal community for his expertise, having been named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100.

Regarding bail, the presiding judge set a $750,000 cash bond in early January. Additionally, the judge ruled that if Keefe D can meet the bail requirement, he may be placed under house arrest, provided he wears an ankle monitor.

Earlier, Keefe D’s court-appointed attorneys had appealed for leniency, citing his poor health and assuring that he posed no flight risk. They had hoped for a bail amount not exceeding $100,000, considering his financial constraints.

Although Nevada permits capital punishment, prosecutors have indicated that they will not pursue the death penalty in Keefe D’s case if he is found guilty.

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