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50 Cent, Drake, and The Game Among Celebrities Falsely Registered to Vote



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A recent revelation has surfaced indicating that high-profile celebrities such as 50 Cent, Drake, and The Game were falsely registered to vote under the same address without their consent.

According to a report by The Houston Chronicle last week, records from the Harris County Tax Assessor’s Office showed that on August 15, 2023, names including those of the aforementioned artists, along with Trey Songz and Chris Brown, were submitted for voter registration in Texas. Notably, none of these individuals cast a ballot in the most recent elections.

The loophole in federal law allowed for this fraudulent activity to occur, as Texas doesn’t mandate individuals to provide identification, driver’s license, or Social Security Number during the registration process. Applicants are only required to provide legal names and birth dates.

The individuals behind this scheme listed each name under a residency in Katy, Texas, bypassing the requirement for further identification.

Moreover, the perpetrator(s) knowingly signed documents acknowledging the legal repercussions of their actions, including the possibility of imprisonment and fines for perjury under state and federal law.

“This is not fooling around,” commented UT Austin law professor Randall Erben, highlighting the severity of the situation. “These people are either committing high misdemeanors or felonies.”

While 50 Cent may not be eligible to vote in Texas, he recently caused a stir by suggesting his support for Donald Trump in the upcoming elections while criticizing New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ proposed program of distributing pre-paid debit cards to migrants.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the G-Unit mogul expressed his confusion and frustration with the program, hinting at a preference for Trump as a solution to his grievances.

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