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50 Cent Redirects Criticism from NYC Mayor to Governor Over Immigration Policy



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50 Cent, known for his outspoken views, has shifted his focus from New York City Mayor Eric Adams to Governor Kathy Hochul, expressing discontent over the state’s immigration policies.

Initially critical of Mayor Adams’ proposed plan to provide pre-paid debit cards to migrants, 50 Cent revealed on Monday (February 5) that he had a conversation with Adams, during which the mayor explained the rationale behind the policy. Despite appearing satisfied with Adams’ explanation, 50 Cent redirected his attention to Governor Hochul, criticizing the state’s allocation of $2.4 billion towards addressing the migrant crisis.

In an Instagram post, the “In Da Club” rapper expressed his desire to speak with Governor Hochul regarding the proposed spending and the laws hindering efforts to improve the situation in New York, emphatically stating, “NOT MY TAXES!”

Accompanying his post was a clip of Mayor Adams publicly inviting 50 Cent to discuss the matter, emphasizing the need for understanding and cooperation.

Meanwhile, Governor Hochul recently unveiled a plan aimed at providing shelter services and legal assistance for asylum-seekers, emphasizing the importance of addressing the issue both morally and economically.

However, 50 Cent’s stance on political matters has seen shifts in the past. Previously endorsing Donald Trump in 2020 over tax policies, he later rescinded his support following advice from ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler. Handler’s reminder of his identity as a Black person and the potential influence of his endorsement led 50 Cent to renounce his support for Trump, publicly stating, “Fuck Donald Trump, I never liked him.”

As 50 Cent continues to navigate his views on political and social issues, his vocal criticisms and evolving perspectives reflect the complexities of engaging with public policy and governance.

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