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A$AP Rocky’s Bars on Kid Cudi’s Album Ignite Speculation of Drake Diss



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A$AP Rocky recently made a notable appearance on Kid Cudi’s latest album, INSANO, contributing to the star-studded and eclectic musical journey. The track “WOW” features intriguing bars from Rocky that have sparked speculation, particularly around a possible dig at Drake, the renowned Toronto hitmaker.

On the song, A$AP Rocky delivers the lines, “These n***as can’t stomach me, gotta go get a mandrake,” prompting interpretations that connect to Drake. The reference to a mandrake, a Mediterranean root used for treating stomach issues, is seen by many as a subtle response to Drake’s alleged diss toward Rocky and their shared romantic interest.

Drake had previously hinted at his feelings about Rihanna, who is now in a relationship with A$AP Rocky, on the song “Fear of Heights.” The lyrics suggested Drake’s acceptance of the situation and his emphasis on moving on. However, this recent development in A$AP Rocky’s verse adds a layer to the ongoing narrative.

In turn, Drake also had a specific mention of A$AP Rocky on his album, particularly in the Lil Yachty-assisted track “Another Late Night.” The line, “I ain’t Pretty Flacko, b*h, this st get really rocky. Damn, what? Dirty how I did him in the Wraith,” raises eyebrows, pointing to a potential exchange of words between the two artists.

Despite these lyrical nuances, both A$AP Rocky and Drake have not explicitly addressed any brewing tensions or conflicts. Their past relationship has been relatively positive, making these speculative interpretations subject to further clarification from the artists themselves.

As fans continue to dissect the lyrics and draw parallels, the question remains whether A$AP Rocky or Drake will provide any additional insights into the dynamics of their relationship.

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