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Angry Baby Gloria Quits Kampala Creme Reality TV Show



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After only three episodes  into the Kampala Creme reality TV show, Baby Gloria leaves the show due to what she regards as an overly scripted and fake showcase.

She said;
I’m moving out of the show so now they cut out scenes and context.

The ‘Kampala Creme’ – a reality TV show featuring the dazzling quartet of Etania, Baby Gloria, Zahara Totto, and Mami Deb – premiered on 14th January 2024. It has since entertained Ugandans with the boujee and the drama, giving a platform for the cast to showcase their lifestyles.

She highlighted how the show “is fake” and that “most of the things are scripted”, something she cannot stand.

The singer and brand influencer further said that she had been instructed to cry at some points of the show before dropping the bomb about leaving the show.

“I’m moving out of the show so now they cut out scenes and context and confessions to make the cast that is staying in the show look good. It’s a scripted show. It’s not real. Period.” she added

The 22-year-old maintained that she had no business being on a show where she had even been told to lie about her life.

“I could fake tears but I couldn’t fake my story,” she noted on her Snapchat on Monday. Official communication about the developments is yet to be made by the Kampala Creme channels.” She concluded

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