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Danny Brown Talks Comedy, Reflects on Dave Chappelle Encounter, and Opens Up about Mac Miller in Exclusive Interview



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Danny Brown has been exploring the realm of comedy, acknowledging that mastering the craft will take time. He shared an anecdote involving Dave Chappelle that highlighted the challenges of stand-up comedy. In a recent interview with HipHopDX before his Los Angeles show, the Michigan native discussed his patient approach to stand-up, emphasizing that he’s still learning.

While expressing his ability to be humorous and talk casually, he admitted the difficulty of writing good jokes. His aspiration is to emulate stand-up comedians who not only entertain but also leave the audience with insightful gems. Brown acknowledged that achieving such proficiency takes time but noted the timeless nature of comedy, allowing performers to continue into their later years.

Branching into improv and sketch comedy, Brown expressed confidence in these areas, drawing on his experience with the VICE TV series “Danny’s House.” Reflecting on the show, he regretted not fully utilizing his creative control due to nervousness but now feels more confident.

Addressing the comedic interlude “Story by Dave Chappelle” on Big Sean’s album “Detroit 2,” Brown denied claims of spiking Chappelle’s joint, as recounted in the interlude. He shared lyrics from his track “Dark Swords,” denying any ill intent and expressing respect for Chappelle despite potential strain in their relationship.

In the interview, Brown also discussed lifestyle changes that influenced his latest album, Quaranta. He delved into his renewed relationship with Mac Miller, revealing the past miscommunication that led to strained interactions. Brown expressed regret about not spending one-on-one time with Miller before his untimely death, a moment that underscored the urgency of addressing self-destructive habits.

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