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In a concerted effort to enhance advocacy, service delivery and improving service utilization within the Uganda Muslim Medical Bureau (UMMB) network, the Executive Secretary Mr. Muzamiru Kivumbi and Mr. Wabusimba Amiri Communication and Advocacy Specialist held pivotal meetings with key stakeholders in the Mityana Muslim District.


The discussions took place at the Mityana Muslim District headquarters, where the UMMB team met with the District Kadhi, his deputy Sheik Miiro Awal Badiru, and the Secretary for Health. The primary focus of the meetings was Mityana UMSC Health Centre III, a facility overseen by the District Kadhi, which currently faces significant infrastructure challenges preventing its upgrade to a Level Four level.

Mityana UMSC Health Centre III was established by then Mubende Muslim district in 1975 to assist the Muslims and the community of greater Mubende in health related matters, the facility was once a recreation center but has now evolved into the region’s bench marking PNFP facility offering quality service delivery in Mityana District with high patient turn up. This facility has consistently provided top-notch care & treatment to those living with HIV/AIDS and other illnesses.

The Secretary for Health Kaweesi Saad detailed the critical infrastructure requirements necessary for the facility’s advancement. Among the needs identified were additional buildings to meet the Level Four classification standards.


In his response, Sheik Luwenda Bashir the District Kadh emphasized the importance of strategic planning within the district to ensure that every sub-county has access to at least one health facility as compared to the number of Mosques. In a new strategy the Kadh looks at converting some mosques into health facilities in communities having more than 2 mosques per village. Uganda Muslim Medical Bureau is committed to support the district’s efforts in addressing these challenges and improving healthcare services for the Muslim community.

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To this end, the Kadhi outlined a strategic plan to expand Mityana UMSC Health Centre III. This plan involves engaging with the landlord to negotiate the construction of essential buildings. These new structures would include Maternal and Child Health (MCH) block, wards and office aligning with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines on infrastructure development for healthcare facilities.

The meetings signify a crucial step towards addressing the infrastructural deficits at the Mityana UMSC Health Centre III, with the ultimate goal of upgrading its services to better meet the healthcare needs of the local Muslim community.


Subsequently, UMMB delegation proceeded to Kyejonjo Muslim District to address matters concerning Doha Muslim Health Centre III. The warm reception extended by the Muslim district of Kyejonjo Sheik Sebbi Muhammad Yusufu and Kiiza Abdul Ali reaffirmed their dedication to delivering healthcare services in accordance with Quranic principles and the UMMB strategic plan 2022-26. Assurances were made regarding the facility’s adherence to these guiding principles.

District Kadhs play a vital role in informing the masses about health-related matters and are very significant in religious aspects as another avenue of healing mankind on mental and spiritual levels. The UMMB team’s visit to Mityana and Kyajonjo Muslim Districts signifies the organization’s commitment to strengthening advocacy and service utilization in the UMMB facilities network.

The UMMB team’s efforts to engage with local religious and administrative leaders demonstrate the organization’s dedication to improving healthcare services in Uganda’s Muslim communities. By addressing infrastructure challenges and working closely with local stakeholders, UMMB aims to ensure that every individual has access to quality healthcare services, as outlined in the Quran and the UMMB strategic plan 2022-26.

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By Wabusimba Amiri

Advocacy and communication specialist


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