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Boosie Badazz Reflects on Inspiring Young Dolph’s Hip Hop Journey



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Boosie Badazz recently shared a reflective moment on his Instagram Live, recounting an interaction with Young Dolph that reportedly inspired the late Memphis rapper to pursue a career in Hip Hop seriously.

According to Boosie, the encounter took place back in the early 2000s when Young Dolph, then known as Flippa, arrived to sell him marijuana. Boosie recalled how Dolph expressed his ambition to pursue rap after realizing that Boosie was his customer, citing the moment as the catalyst for Dolph’s entry into the music industry.

“[Young Dolph] said that after he sold me that weed, man, that n-gga got there from rappin’? I’m fixin’ to rap,” Boosie shared during the live stream. “That was 2006. I inspired a lot of muthafuckas. A lot of muthafuckas. I just don’t like to give me my flowers. You gotta be a real n-gga to give me my flowers.”

While Young Dolph himself acknowledged Boosie’s influence on his decision to pursue rap, his version of the story differed slightly. Dolph mentioned meeting Boosie through “his partner” and bonding over shared interests, particularly smoking weed. Nevertheless, Dolph recognized Boosie’s success and affluent lifestyle as motivating factors for his own aspirations in the Hip Hop industry.

In another development related to Young Dolph’s case, Justin Johnson, the accused killer, petitioned the judge overseeing his murder trial to select potential jurors from outside of Memphis. Johnson’s attorney, Luke Evans, expressed concerns about potential bias due to extensive media coverage surrounding the case, suggesting that Dolph’s status as a beloved figure in Memphis could impact the jury pool.

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Evans cited alleged threats made against Johnson and his co-defendant, Cornelius Smith, by Dolph’s fans, which he characterized as seeking vengeance rather than justice. Prosecutors countered Evans’ claims, citing previous cases with impartial juries despite media attention.

The judge, Jennifer J. Mitchell, has yet to make a ruling on the matter. Justin Johnson, along with several others, faces charges related to Young Dolph’s murder, a case that has garnered significant attention and scrutiny since its occurrence.

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