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Consequence Declines TMZ Special on Kanye West, Citing Loyalty Amidst Turbulent Times



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Consequence, a longtime friend and collaborator of Kanye West, recently revealed that he turned down an offer from TMZ to participate in a special feature on Kanye’s “controversial comments.” Sharing a screenshot of texts exchanged with Kanye from a few weeks back, Consequence demonstrated his loyalty by declining the opportunity.

In the text exchange, Consequence informed Kanye that he had decided not to partake in the project. Kanye responded with a simple message of appreciation, acknowledging Consequence’s loyalty.

In an Instagram post, Consequence elaborated on his decision, emphasizing the importance of loyalty over financial gain. Despite his positive interactions with TMZ’s staff, Consequence expressed concern that Kanye would feel exploited and leveraged by participating in the special.

He wrote, “All Money ain’t G.O.O.D. Money,” affirming his commitment to prioritizing loyalty over royalties, concluding his post with the phrase, “QUEENS GET THE MONEY.”

While the exchange with Kanye appeared positive, tensions between the two have surfaced in recent months. In a late December post, Consequence aired his grievances with Kanye in an open letter, expressing frustration over feeling undervalued and neglected by his longtime collaborator.

In past instances, Consequence has criticized others, including fellow G.O.O.D. Music members, for what he perceives as abandonment of Kanye during challenging times. He previously called out Pusha T for cutting ties with Kanye, deeming his actions “disgusting,” and questioned the absence of support from other G.O.O.D. Music alumni during difficult moments.

In his music, Consequence has continued to address themes of loyalty and betrayal within the industry, notably in his February 2023 song “Disappointed.” In the track, he reflects on the perceived lack of support from Kanye’s signees during times of crisis, highlighting the challenges of navigating loyalty and success in the music industry.

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