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Chrisean Rock Displays Fresh Tattoo of Blueface’s Face



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Chrisean Rock, known for expressing her on-again, off-again relationship with rapper Blueface through tattoos, has showcased a new addition to her ink collection. In a video that gained traction on Sunday (January 28), the former athlete turned her face to reveal the outline of a new tattoo featuring the face of the “Thotiana” rapper on her cheek. The video also captured her sitting for the tattoo session and the final result on her cheek.

This latest tattoo joins Chrisean Rock’s collection dedicated to her incarcerated baby daddy. Her first Blueface tattoo, featuring the rapper’s name, surfaced in 2021. The following year, she expanded her ink with a tattoo of Blueface’s full face on her neck, and another one on the side of her neck in October. Despite contemplating laser removal in the past, Chrisean ultimately chose to cover up one of the Blueface tattoos in December 2023.

Earlier this week, Chrisean Rock made headlines by announcing her decision to move into Blueface’s home despite his current imprisonment. Sharing the news on social media, she posted an Instagram story declaring, “moving back with my baby Daddddy,” along with a photo of a moving truck presumed to be transporting her belongings to Blueface’s residence.

While Chrisean appears determined to move in with the “Thotiana” rapper, others in Blueface’s life, notably his mother Karlissa Saffold, expressed opposition to the idea. Saffold commented on a post reblogged by The Neighborhood Talk, warning that Chrisean might regret her decision when Blueface returns home.

Addressing their complex relationship, Chrisean shared insights on Instagram Live, emphasizing that their dynamic is only understood by the two of them. She recounted the enjoyable time they had together just before Blueface’s incarceration, describing it as “best friend type vibes.” Despite attempting to move on, Chrisean revealed that she and Blueface have maintained lengthy nightly phone conversations since his recent imprisonment, highlighting the unique and complicated nature of their connection.

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