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City Girls Look to Transform in 2024 with Yung Miami Teasing “Yams Era”



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The City Girls duo, composed of Yung Miami and JT, is gearing up for a transformation in 2024. While Yung Miami had a successful year in business with her award-winning podcast, the musical side faced challenges, notably with the underwhelming sales of their album RAW. However, individually, both JT and Yung Miami are making strides, with the latter dropping a strong track, “Sideways,” over the weekend.

Yung Miami, in particular, is ready to embrace a new era in her career. She initially hinted at this shift in January with a cryptic tweet: “Welcome to the ‘Yams Era.’ I’m so excited for this era of my life; we about to have some FUN!!” The exact meaning of “Yams” remains a mystery, with various interpretations, including a phonetic play on “Miami” (My-Yam-Me) and creative definitions on Urban Dictionary.

In a recent Instagram post, Yung Miami shared a “Yams” trailer, featuring her discussing a comeback and scenes from the studio, hinting at a new musical direction. The trailer also offers a glimpse of her upcoming ginger hairstyle, suggested as her next signature look. Yung Miami’s caption reads, “Welcome to the YAMs Era! The Yams Era is my Prime time! In the Yams, we do ginger hair…focus on ourselves…& get money! Yams is the new lingo… To my fans, The YAMS…this is the new us. Drop a 🍠 if you’re ready!” Her post received positive responses from JT, Saweetie, and other supporters, flooding the comments with yam emojis and encouragement for this fresh perspective.

The teaser leaves fans speculating about the implications of the “Yams Era.” Is it a new mindset, a distinct musical approach, or perhaps the precursor to an upcoming album? The ongoing discussion is open for fans to share their thoughts on Yung Miami’s bold move and whether she or JT will have a more impactful solo year. Share your perspectives in the comments section below.

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