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Gravity Omutujju Contributes to Building Hospital at Bobi Wine’s Beach”



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Gravity Omutujju, whose real name is Gerrason Wabuyi, recently gave two bags of cement and a truck of sand to Bobi Wine’s One Love Beach in Busabala. This gesture followed Gravity’s recent criticism of Bobi Wine for being selfish and wanting to keep national resources to himself.

The government plans to release UGX 13 billion for the Artists SACCO to support and empower creatives in the Arts Industry. This funding, initiated by Eddy Kenzo’s Musicians Federation, faced opposition from various quarters, citing improper tax allocation.

Eddy Kenzo defended the support, stating that musicians, being significant taxpayers, deserve government assistance as their sector employs thousands directly and indirectly. Bobi Wine suggested using the money for building hospitals instead.

Gravity Omutujju, in response to Bobi Wine’s comments, accused him of blocking opportunities for artists, pointing out that despite having resources, Bobi Wine hasn’t invested in hospitals. As a symbolic gesture, Gravity contributed two bags of cement and sand to help build a hospital on part of Bobi Wine’s beach property.

Bobi Wine, as the artist with the largest land in the industry, is urged to use the contributions to construct a hospital that benefits pregnant women in need of safe childbirth.

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