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JAY-Z Sparks Album Speculation with Social Media Post



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Fans of JAY-Z are buzzing with anticipation following a recent social media post by potential collaborator, video director Hidji, suggesting that the iconic emcee may be gearing up to release a new album soon.

On Sunday (January 28), Hidji took to his Instagram Stories to give his followers an update on an upcoming production. He shared a geotagged, blurry video set in “Atlanta, GA,” accompanied by the Outkast classic “Player’s Ball.” In a subsequent screenshot of a text exchange, Hidji responded to a friend’s inquiry about his current project with a simple text: “Jay Z.” He further heightened speculation by posting a photo of a clapperboard, revealing the production title as “JAY Z – 2024 ALBUM.”

Known for keeping details under wraps until he is ready to unveil them, JAY-Z is notorious for maintaining secrecy around his projects. This suggests that Hidji’s posts, showcasing his most recent success with the video for Young Nudy’s “Eggplants & Peaches,” likely did not leak unauthorized information.

However, as rumors circulated, Roc Nation’s official account on X (formerly Twitter) responded to one post, stating: “That’s news to us.” HipHopDX has reached out to Roc Nation for further clarification.

Even if JAY-Z is not working on his own album, he has already served as inspiration for another artist’s highly anticipated 2024 release. Tierra Whack recently announced her debut album, “World Wide Whack,” set to drop on March 15. The whimsical cover art, featuring Tierra in a clown-esque outfit on a crescent stage prop in front of a giant “Joker” playing card, draws inspiration from JAY-Z’s nickname for her. In a 2021 interview with Apple Music, Tierra revealed that JAY-Z once referred to her as “the Joker of Hip Hop,” praising her ability to convey happiness with a hint of darkness. Fans online lauded Tierra for transforming JAY-Z’s insightful comment into a captivating album concept.

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