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Kai Cenat Clarifies Lil Yachty Diss Speculation in Livestream



Internet personality Kai Cenat addressed speculation surrounding Lil Yachty’s recent single “Say Ya Grace” during a livestream, asserting that the rapper would never diss him, contrary to what some fans may have inferred.

In response to messages from fans suggesting that Lil Boat was targeting streamers in the song, featured on the new Lyrical Lemonade album “All is Yellow,” Cenat dismissed the theory. Playfully referencing soccer superstar Lionel Messi, he quipped, “There you go being messy, no number 10…you couldn’t be Ronaldo.” Initially misinterpreting Yachty’s lyrics as a dig at him, Cenat exclaimed, “Yo, what the fuck? Who are you coming for, n-gga?” He clarified, “He’s talking about music, my n-gga. Do not ever disrespect me like that.”

Fans quickly pointed out that Lil Yachty might be referring to BruceDropEmOff, who had previously dissed both Cenat and the rapper in leaked DMs. One commenter noted, “Definitely talking about Bruce.”

In a previous incident, Cenat was seen on a Twitch livestream with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie when he received a phone call from 50 Cent. During the FaceTime conversation, Cenat enthusiastically asked the G-Unit mogul for a role in one of his hit TV shows, particularly in the “Power” universe.

“Yo, yo, yo, can I please get an episode of Power, bro?” he pleaded.

In response, 50 Cent emphasized the need for talent and commitment, stating, “Well, we gotta work it out. Look, we gotta make sure you can play the part, though.” Cenat expressed his willingness to take on any role to secure a cameo, declaring, “Yes, I could, bro. Whatever, gangsta part, whatever you need me to do. If I gotta knock a n-gga off. N-gga, I swear, I could do whatever you need me to do, bro.”

During the livestream, 50 Cent challenged Cenat to showcase his acting skills by emphasizing the need for a serious and expensive-looking performance. The Twitch streamer recalled meeting 50 Cent and his son at a New York Knicks game in December, where 50 Cent personally asked him to take a photo with his son. Cenat expressed gratitude for the experience, saying, “Super cool, man. Shout out to him.”

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