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Yung Miami and Akademiks’ Feud Escalates Amidst Diddy-Related Accusations



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The ongoing feud between Yung Miami and Akademiks has intensified as the controversial media personality presses Yung Miami to address the sexual assault allegations against Diddy, her former partner. The City Girls star, who recently referred to Akademiks as “a bitch” in an unreleased song snippet, found herself entangled in a heated social media exchange with Akademiks on Tuesday (January 16).

Akademiks initiated the spat, claiming Yung Miami dissed him three months late with a lackluster bar and suggesting her rap career is finished. He provocatively alluded to Diddy’s personal life, insinuating Yung Miami should share details about her time with him. The feud escalated further with explicit comments from Akademiks about Yung Miami’s financial situation and personal life.

Yung Miami fired back, urging Akademiks to “get in the field or STFU.” The exchange continued with Akademiks making more references to Diddy’s alleged actions, prompting Yung Miami to share what appeared to be a fake comment by Akademiks about a 15-year-old Bhad Bhabie.

Akademiks retaliated, questioning Yung Miami’s ability to use Google and making further accusations about Diddy’s conduct. The feud reached a new level with both parties engaging in explicit and personal attacks.

Yung Miami responded by labeling Akademiks a “groupie dick-sucking ass bitch” and asserting her independence and success. Akademiks continued to focus on Diddy-related accusations, emphasizing Yung Miami’s alleged role in the situation.

The back-and-forth continued with Yung Miami calling Akademiks obsessed, leading him to bring up past controversies and make further claims about her personal life. The feud appears to center around Akademiks’ persistent commentary on Yung Miami, especially since she started dating Diddy in 2022, with him previously referring to her as Diddy’s “side chick.” The internet is closely watching the drama unfold as the feud shows no signs of simmering down.

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