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Jadakiss Joins Viral Muni Long “Made for Me” Challenge, Surprising Fans



Hip-hop icon Jadakiss has unexpectedly become a participant in the viral Muni Long “Made for Me” challenge that has taken social media by storm. However, the results of his participation weren’t exactly what fans anticipated.

In an undated clip that went viral on Saturday (January 27), the “John Blaze” rapper is seen swaying back and forth in what appears to be a hotel ballroom, alongside an older Asian man who seems puzzled as he attempts to join in the dance. After a short while, Jadakiss gives up and bursts into laughter.

Earlier this month, Jermaine Dupri hinted at a potential collaboration between Ari Lennox and Muni Long, as both singers have expressed mutual admiration for each other’s work.

On January 8, Long shared snippets from an Instagram Live session featuring the Dreamville star. In a TikTok video collage captioned “Ya’ll don’t understand how much I love this lady,” she can be seen singing “Made For Me” while expressing her joy for the song.

Jermaine Dupri later reshared the post on Twitter and suggested a remix, stating, “I wanna cry watching this @arilennox [laughing emoji] cause I love you and I love making music that people really fuck with, yo @munilong we might need to put her on the sweat Remix.” Dupri confirmed to HipHopDX that the remix he mentioned is for the same song Lennox was singing, with “sweat” being an insider reference between him and Muni Long.

As for Jadakiss, he recently joined Uncle Murda for his much-anticipated album, “The Lenny Grant Story.” Uncle Murda, a Brooklyn native, has been teasing the album for over a year and confirmed its official release date in a recent interview with The Danza Project podcast that dropped on January 2.

“I know I’ve been saying that shit forever, but ‘The Lenny Grant Story’ is actually coming out around the 30th of January,” he stated. “This January – 2024. I got my boy Benny The Butcher on there, Jadakiss, Conway, Symba, Styles P. We got some nice surprise guests on there.”

Uncle Murda seems to be capitalizing on the attention generated by his annual year-end “Rap Up” song, which this year came in three parts, addressing various events from a wild 2023.

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