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Joey Bada$$ to Release New Single “Passports & Suitcases” Featuring KayCyy



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Joey Bada$$, known for his exceptional lyricism, impeccable beat selection, and passionate approach to his craft, is gearing up to drop a new solo single. The 28-year-old artist has always been an explorer, venturing into different musical territories. While change can be intimidating for both artists and fans, Joey is embracing the challenge with his upcoming release.

Collaborating with the underrated KayCyy, Joey is set to unveil “Passports & Suitcases” on Friday, January 19, conveniently a day before his birthday. Teasing the song, it’s evident that Joey is delving into his melodic side, incorporating more auto-tune—a departure from his traditional hip-hop style. While the vibe resonates with some fans, others are on the fence about this new direction.

Joey Bada gracefully addresses the negativity, expressing his gratitude for the freedom to evolve. He states, “Feels good to be allowed to grow. I never needed permission but thanks anyway, guys. New sounds all ‘24…. Whether you like it or not [winky face emoji].”

What are your thoughts on the snippet from Joey Bada‘s upcoming single “Passports & Suitcases” with KayCyy? Do you appreciate his ventures into a more melodic style, or do you think fans are justified in their critiques? Is Joey Bada being unfairly scrutinized for his musical evolution? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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