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Kai Cenat Expresses Disapproval of Nicki Minaj’s “Big Foot” Diss Track



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Kai Cenat recently shared his candid thoughts on Nicki Minaj’s diss track “Big Foot,” and it seems the Barbz may not be pleased with his response. During a stream, Cenat straightforwardly expressed, “I didn’t like this one,” before cautioning the Barbz not to target him. Despite the potential backlash, Cenat emphasized his honesty in sharing his genuine opinion on the diss track, clarifying that it didn’t resonate with him.

The Barbz might have anticipated Cenat’s support for Minaj, considering their record-breaking joint stream in December 2023. The stream garnered impressive viewership, reportedly peaking at 355.3K viewers, although Stream Charts data disputes this figure, indicating a peak of 348,593. Cenat typically averages around 34K viewers for regular streams, with the previous record standing at just over 306,000 viewers.

In the midst of the “Big Foot” controversy, Cenat took time to check in with his friend Adin Ross following Ross’s alleged scam by 21 Savage. During a phone call, Ross clarified the situation, emphasizing that he didn’t blame 21 for the marked cards used during their high-stakes gambling stream. Ross attributed the blame to a member of Savage’s crew and confirmed receiving a $250K payment from 21 to settle their debt. Cenat expressed joy that Ross, a close friend, had resolved the matter.

The settlement amount was agreed upon after various figures were discussed post-stream. Initially promising $400K, 21 Savage later committed to paying Ross the full amount owed. Despite the rapper being down $400K at one point during the stream, a remarkable comeback led to him cashing out, and Ross owed him $120K in the end.

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