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Keefe D’s Murder Case: Defense Submits Tape Claiming Diddy’s Involvement in Tupac’s Murder



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In an unexpected turn, Keefe D’s legal team has submitted a tape suggesting that Diddy offered him one million dollars to murder Tupac Shakur. However, reports indicate that the tape doesn’t feature Diddy but rather Keefe (Duane Davis) laughing about his alleged collaboration with Las Vegas police. The claim is that Sean Combs wanted Tupac and Suge Knight dealt with due to escalating tensions between the East Coast and West Coast.

This submission adds to previous accusations implicating Diddy in the Tupac murder case. L.A.P.D. Detective Greg Kading made similar claims in 2011, linking Keefe D and Diddy to the murder conspiracy. Kading explained that Keefe D confessed to his involvement with Tupac’s murder, stating that the conspiracy developed in Los Angeles during conversations with Puffy Combs. Despite the murder occurring in Las Vegas, Kading argued that the conspiracy’s roots in Los Angeles justified their involvement in the investigation.

Kading emphasized the importance of protecting Keefe D as a star witness to build a case against other conspirators. Revealing Keefe D’s cooperation prematurely could have jeopardized the ongoing investigation. While these accusations have fueled speculation for years, Diddy has consistently denied any involvement in Tupac’s murder. Stay tuned for more updates on Diddy, Keefe D, and the Tupac Shakur case.


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