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Teairra Marí Threatens Physical Confrontation with Keri Hilson Over Past Feud



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Teairra Marí has issued a threat of physical confrontation to Keri Hilson following recent comments made by Hilson about their past beef. Hilson recounted an altercation on the R&B Money podcast hosted by Tank and J. Valentine in October, leaving many to believe she was referring to Marí.

Hilson described an incident where she felt disrespected by an artist sitting in the front row at her show, later revealed to be Marí. The encounter escalated backstage, and Hilson suggested it could have turned ugly.

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Responding to Hilson’s comments on Instagram, Teairra Marí challenged her to a fight and warned that she would “whoop” her. Marí expressed frustration with people bothering her and accused Hilson of lying.

In response, Hilson acknowledged the incident from 12-13 years ago, apologized for publicly sharing the story, and explained that they have since run into each other, partied together, and moved past the disagreement. Hilson expressed her present feelings of love and apologized for any hurtful words used in retelling the story.

As of now, Teairra Marí has not responded to Keri Hilson’s apology.

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