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Beyoncé Surprise Releases New Song “My House” Alongside Documentary Premiere



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Beyoncé has dropped a surprise new song, “My House,” to coincide with the premiere of her documentary film “Renaissance.” The Grammy-winning artist released the track on streaming services shortly after unveiling the film at London’s Leicester Square on Thursday night (November 30). The song is featured during the end credits of the documentary.

Co-produced and co-written by The-Dream, “My House” continues the dance/house music theme that runs through Beyoncé’s latest album, also titled “Renaissance.” With lyrics like “I want pink diamonds on my belly chain and my nipple rings (Grrah!)/ I’m grabbin’ grain, sippin’ sideways on this candy paint,” the track references Paul Wall’s classic Texas rap anthem “Sittin’ Sidewayz.”

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Fan reactions to the song have been positive, with many expressing enthusiasm for the unexpected release. One fan on X (formerly Twitter) said, “Renaissance in IMAX… when ‘My House’ started banging during the credits, I thought I was in the club.” Another remarked, “The fact that Beyonce is using her ACTUAL accent on this first half of this song… That’s that COUNTRY baby, that’s that Texas!”

Adding humor to the reactions, one fan joked, “Beyoncé made ‘My House’ for everyone who hosts parties at their house and wants a song that tells people to get the f*ck away at 3 am.”

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The documentary “Renaissance” captures the development and delivery of Beyoncé’s 2023 Renaissance World Tour in support of the album. Beyoncé, who wrote and directed the film herself, showcases live concert footage, intimate behind-the-scenes moments, and clips from inside the studio during the album recording. The film features appearances from husband JAY-Z, their children Blue Ivy, Sir Carter, and Rumi, as well as stars like Kendrick Lamar, Megan Thee Stallion, and Diana Ross.

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Released through a deal with AMC Theatres, the film is set to gross between $30 million and $40 million at the box office, with Beyoncé receiving around 50 percent of the total. The documentary bypasses major Hollywood studios, following a trend seen earlier this year with Taylor Swift’s concert film.

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