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Fat Joe Defends Young Thug, Criticizes Use of Lyrics in YSL RICO Case



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Fat Joe has come to the defense of Young Thug amid the YSL RICO case, asserting that he has lied in “95 percent” of the songs throughout his career. During an appearance on CNN with Gayle King, the Bronx rapper expressed his concern over Thugga’s lyrics being used against him in the legal proceedings.

“I’ve been rapping professionally for 30 years — I’ve lied in almost 95 percent of my songs,” Joe began. “I’m being honest. I write like I feel that day. I’m just being creative. You couldn’t build a jail high enough for the lyrics I’ve said on songs which are all untrue.”

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He emphasized that his persona in music doesn’t reflect his true character as a family man and a community contributor. Joe criticized the district attorneys for using lyrics that they know aren’t real to build a case against artists. He highlighted the serious consequences, stating, “This is very serious. This destroys families.”

The rapper pointed out the worrying precedent set by the YSL RICO case, where an artist of Young Thug’s stature faces legal consequences based on his own lyrics. “This case right here is setting such a precedence in America because they’ve used this before in up-and-coming, aspiring artists — they’ve never took a guy off the stage in the arena,” he said. “It’s nasty work, it’s real nasty work.”

In November, the lyrics that could be used against Young Thug in the trial were revealed, including lines from songs like “Just How It Is” (2018) and “Eww” (2014). The decision to allow rap lyrics as evidence in court has sparked concerns about its impact on First Amendment rights, with fellow Atlanta rapper Killer Mike expressing fear over the development.

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The YSL RICO trial, which began on November 27, is expected to last for at least six months. Young Thug faces life in prison if convicted on all charges.

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