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Lil Wayne’s Mixtape Era Changed the Music Business Forever, Says Kendrick Lamar’s Manager



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Dave Free, the co-creator of pgLang and manager of Kendrick Lamar, believes that Lil Wayne’s legendary mixtape run had a profound impact on the music business, ultimately changing it forever. In a recent interview with Pin-Up, Free discussed various aspects of the music industry and how Lil Wayne’s approach during the mixtape era influenced artists and distribution.

Free acknowledged that the mixtape era, spearheaded by Lil Wayne, marked a significant departure from traditional music distribution. He credited Lil Wayne for breaking the rules by releasing freestyles with Sqad Up independently, challenging the conventional formats of radio and physical unit sales. Free also mentioned that artists like JAY-Z and Nas served as additional sources of motivation during this period.

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Kendrick Lamar has previously expressed admiration for Lil Wayne, emphasizing the profound impact Wayne had on the game. Lamar highlighted Wayne’s longevity and the influence he wielded, from the Hot Boys era to the present, shaping various styles and sounds in hip-hop.

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In 2012, Lamar shared his respect for Lil Wayne, noting that he had been listening to Wayne since the Hot Boys days when he was 13. Lamar appreciated Wayne’s acknowledgment of his work and considered it an honor to share the stage with an artist who had such a lasting impact on the industry.

Dave Free and Kendrick Lamar continue to collaborate closely, recently announcing their involvement in producing a live-action comedy film alongside South Park co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker for Paramount Pictures. The film, written by Vernon Chatman, explores the intersection of the past and present, touching on themes of race and history.

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