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Bianca Censori and Kanye West’s Las Vegas Outing Sparks Controversy



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Bianca Censori turned heads in a white mini-skirt paired with a black microkini during a night out in Las Vegas alongside Kanye West for her birthday celebration. A TMZ-obtained video captured the couple navigating the Wynn Las Vegas Casino. Censori’s outfit bore a striking resemblance to one Kanye had previously shared on Instagram, albeit without the dark black jacket featured in his post. The ensemble echoed the revealing fashion choices Censori had donned during the couple’s Italian vacation last summer.

Prior to their Sin City appearance, Kanye expressed his birthday wishes to Censori in a heartfelt Instagram post. The rapper described her as the “most beautiful super bad iconic muse” and celebrated her as an inspirational, talented artist with a master’s degree in architecture. Kanye praised Censori for standing by him during challenging times, emphasizing her role as an exceptional stepmother to their children.

However, the birthday tribute post triggered demands from fans seeking a release date for Kanye’s forthcoming album, Vultures. Kanye’s return to Instagram in December 2023, following a hiatus since April, was marked by a screenshot announcing his account deactivation. This decision came shortly after a one-month suspension, during which he controversially remarked about “liking Jewish people” after watching Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street.

Despite the celebratory tone of Kanye’s posts, concerns have arisen regarding his portrayal of Censori on social media. Critics argue that the predominantly revealing images of Censori shared by Kanye suggest a troubling dynamic in their relationship. Some comments on the posts likened Kanye’s treatment of Censori to playing with a doll, while others expressed concerns about Censori potentially being influenced in a way that mirrors a “radicalized Kim Kardashian.” The controversy surrounding Kanye and Censori’s public presence continues to fuel discussions among fans and critics alike.

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