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Blueface Faces Mounting Debt as $13M Strip Club Settlement Balloons to $14.3M



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Recent legal documents obtained by TMZ reveal that Blueface has yet to fulfill the $13 million settlement owed to a Las Vegas strip club, resulting in the total debt surging to over $14.3 million due to accrued interest. The court ruling in favor of Euphoric Gentleman’s Club was issued in October 2023. Despite evading jail time for his involvement in a 2022 shooting, Blueface is now grappling with a substantial financial penalty.

Blueface seems resolute in not meeting his financial obligations, as evidenced by recent activities such as purchasing a house for Jaidyn Alexis. However, the legitimacy of this acquisition is contested by Chrisean Rock. Additionally, Blueface garnered attention for creating an impromptu strip club at a Rams game last year, where he made it rain. In the absence of court intervention to enforce the settlement, the club’s owner will witness the owed amount continue to escalate.

Moreover, Blueface’s legal challenges extend beyond the strip club settlement. NLE Choppa responded to Blueface’s insinuations that he was avoiding their proposed boxing match. Choppa disputed Blueface’s claims, emphasizing that the LA rapper was engaging in clout-chasing tactics. The dispute escalated as Blueface accused Choppa of being dissatisfied with the fight terms, particularly the inability to negotiate.

Blueface’s critique also targeted Choppa’s identity, referencing him as a “Muslim, vegan, and a crip.” In response, Choppa addressed the negotiation aspect, highlighting Blueface’s extensive boxing experience compared to his own lack of professional background in the sport. The conflict between Blueface and NLE Choppa continues to unfold, with each artist asserting their position on the proposed boxing match and the associated terms.

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