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Karlissa Saffold Defends Blue Ivy Against Tokyo Toni’s Criticism



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In the midst of Tokyo Toni’s recent social media rant targeting Beyonce and Blue Ivy, Karlissa Saffold, the mother of rapper Blueface, stepped up to defend the 11-year-old against the criticism. Toni, who has been known for her controversial remarks, took to social media to express her disapproval of Beyonce’s achievements and questioned her parenting.

“Dear Beyonce, try again. Girl please, get out of here,” Tokyo Toni began her tirade, criticizing Beyonce’s success and questioning her parenting choices. Toni even went so far as to suggest that Beyonce should build her house on the Moon.

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In response to Toni’s comments, Karlissa Saffold addressed her directly, urging her to stop criticizing Blue Ivy. Saffold acknowledged Blue Ivy’s early exposure to work ethics and generational talent, emphasizing that Toni should not discourage her accomplishments.

While Saffold defended Blue Ivy, it’s worth noting that she herself faced backlash recently for making derogatory comments about Sexyy Red. Despite offering an apology for her previous remarks, some believe that Saffold should reconsider critiquing others in the future.

Tokyo Toni’s controversial remarks and Karlissa Saffold’s response add another layer to the ongoing dynamics within the entertainment industry, showcasing how individuals navigate public scrutiny and support within the celebrity sphere.

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