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B.G. Clarifies Lil Wayne Diss in “Gangstafied” Verse: Family Business, Not Beef



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The hip-hop community was buzzing when B.G. seemingly dissed Lil Wayne on Finesse2Tymes’ track “Gangstafied,” raising eyebrows about the camaraderie between the former Hot Boyz members. B.G.’s verse included lines like, “My na Weezy steady touring but he’s a bh and it’s showing,” prompting fans to question the dynamics between the longtime collaborators.

However, B.G. has now set the record straight, taking to social media with a video to explain the context behind the apparent Lil Wayne diss. In the video, B.G. highlights the complexities of their relationship and emphasizes that his words were meant as a part of “family business.”

“[You] don’t really understand what the fk be going on, man,” B.G. stated in the video. “I tell a na I love him and call him a bh all in the same sentence, man. You know what I’m saying? You know? Man, look, this family business, man. You know what I’m saying? Shout out to my little brother Weezy too, man. I talked to my little brother last night, man, you know what I’m saying? Yeah, man, shout out to Charlotte, man. Still my lil’ bro, man, love my lil’ bro, man, you heard me? You know what I’m saying? St be complicated sometimes, man. Gizzle gon’ do what Gizzle does, man.”

The clarification suggests that the apparent Lil Wayne diss relates to differing opinions on a potential Cash Money or Hot Boyz reunion tour. Despite the bars, B.G. expresses love for Lil Wayne and mentions that they spoke recently. The video implies that any tension revolves around the reunion tour plans rather than personal animosity.

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While fans initially thought there might be a genuine conflict between the rap legends, B.G.’s clarification paints a more nuanced picture of their relationship. As they navigate the intricacies of their journey, it appears that they are still on good terms. Only time will tell if Lil Wayne responds to the clarification or adds his perspective to the situation.

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