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Cardi B Claps Back at FYB J Mane Over Leaked DMs with Offset



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Cardi B has issued a response to FYB J Mane after he leaked direct messages (DMs) from Offset, shedding light on a past interaction. Cardi took to Instagram to address the situation, emphasizing that the leaked DMs were old and revealing the context behind the exchange.

In her Instagram post, Cardi B clarified that FYB J Mane received a DM because he falsely claimed that Offset had kicked him out of the studio. The rapper asserted that both she and Offset had been supportive, offering advice on expanding FYB J Mane’s cereal brand. However, the situation took a turn when Mane allegedly lied on the internet, prompting Cardi to call out his actions.

FYB J Mane leaked the DMs on Saturday night, revealing a dispute between himself and Offset that appeared to stem from an awkward encounter on the No Jumper podcast. Offset expressed frustration, stating, “Aye bra what’s up with you. I was on some cool sh-t, and you come playing with my name.” Mane responded, emphasizing that he wanted to maintain a positive connection and had not claimed to be kicked out.

Meanwhile, the relationship status between Cardi B and Offset remains unclear. Despite a highly publicized breakup, the two reunited for Christmas, seemingly for the sake of their children. Christmas videos posted by Cardi showed Offset present and assisting with gift opening. However, the New Year’s Eve celebration took an unexpected turn when Cardi openly declared her single status in the club just days earlier.

Adding to the complexity, Cardi revealed during an early-January Space session that her New Year’s Eve ended with her and Offset spending the night together. The twists and turns in Cardi B and Offset’s relationship continue to captivate fans, leaving many to wonder about the future of this high-profile union. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving saga.

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