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NLE Choppa’s Mom Claps Back at Blueface Amid Feud, Warns Him to Stay Clear of Drama



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The ongoing feud between NLE Choppa and Blueface took an unexpected turn as NLE Choppa’s mother entered the fray, addressing Blueface’s recent comments about her son. Blueface, in a public statement, remarked, “Y’all was just playing on the internet. There was never meant to be an actual fight.” This prompted a stern response from NLE Choppa’s mother, who took issue with Blueface’s words and warned him to “keep my name out of y’all bullsh-t.”

The involvement of NLE Choppa’s mother has sparked debates online, with some suggesting that Blueface may have gained an upper hand in the feud by drawing in family members. It remains unclear whether Choppa actively involved his mother or if she stepped in as a response to the online backlash against her son.

Responding to Blueface’s statements, NLE Choppa expressed his dissatisfaction on Instagram, questioning why Blueface created promotional materials with his face and a website for an alleged fight. Choppa dismissed it as “clout-chasing” and raised concerns about the intentions behind such actions.

As the feud between the two rappers continues, legal matters are also surfacing for Blueface. Recent reports reveal that Blueface has not fulfilled the $13 million settlement owed to a Las Vegas strip club, with the amount now exceeding $14.3 million due to interest. Blueface’s recent extravagant purchases and financial decisions, including setting up an impromptu strip club at a Rams game, suggest a reluctance to comply with the court-ordered settlement.

Unless legal intervention forces Blueface to address the settlement, the owner of the Euphoric Gentleman’s Club, who won the case in October 2023, will continue to watch the owed amount accumulate. The rapper’s legal and personal entanglements continue to unfold, adding layers of complexity to the ongoing saga. Stay tuned for updates on this evolving rap feud and its repercussions.

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