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Kevin Hart Engages in War of Words with Katt Williams, Drawing Mixed Reactions



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In the midst of Kevin Hart’s ongoing legal battle with Tasha K, a new contender has entered the ring – none other than the outspoken comedian Katt Williams. Williams, known for his controversial interview on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe, took aim at various pop culture figures, including Hart. In response to Williams’ verbal jabs, Hart didn’t hold back, unleashing his own set of remarks. However, the reaction received mixed reviews from fans, with some expressing disappointment in the comedian’s response.

Joe Budden, not explicitly naming the situation, hinted at his thoughts on Kevin Hart’s reply on Saturday (January 6). “Could’ve just not replied yaknow lol,” Budden wrote on the social media platform, referring to Hart’s tweet expressing, “Gotta get that anger up outcha champ….It’s honestly sad.” Hart had attempted to shift the focus by promoting his upcoming Netflix film “LIFT” in the midst of the feud, using a trailer snippet featuring @gugumbatharaw saying, “They Really Love You,” humorously implying it was about Katt Williams.

Undeterred, Kevin Hart revisited the confrontation on his NBA Unplugged show, directing questions at Kendrick Perkins. “Do you entertain the circus or do you watch it?” he asked, adding humor by claiming Williams had purchased and returned the New York Knicks with a receipt. Hart also took aim at Williams’ childhood claims of being an avid reader. Despite the attempt at light-heartedness, it appeared that the audience did not resonate well with Hart’s backtracking on the earlier characterization of the situation as “sad.”

As the comedic clash continues, it remains to be seen whether Kevin Hart will take a more serious and direct approach or maintain the comedic tone to match Katt Williams’ energy. With the wide-ranging and beef-provoking nature of this feud, it seems unlikely to slow down any time soon, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this celebrity confrontation.

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