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Kevin Hunter Claims Missing Severance Payments from Wendy Williams Amid Guardianship



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Kevin Hunter, former husband of talk show host Wendy Williams, has filed court documents alleging that he has not received severance payments from their divorce settlement since January 2022. Hunter is now seeking two years’ worth of back pay, citing financial strain due to the lack of income, as Williams remains under court-ordered guardianship.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Hunter stated, “I have not received my severance payments since January of 2022, which Plaintiff is required to make pursuant to the Matrimonial Settlement Agreement.” He emphasized the urgency of the matter, highlighting his dependence on the severance pay for living expenses and the significant impact of the overdue payments on his financial well-being.

Hunter further explained his efforts to resolve the issue over the past years, stating, “Since October 2021 I have tried to resolve this issue in multiple ways including previous motion and mediation, with no cooperation from the Plaintiff.” He expressed frustration at the lack of response and cooperation from Williams, leading to his decision to file a motion to address the matter.

The former couple, who were married from 1999 until 2020, share one child together. Hunter’s legal action sheds light on ongoing financial disputes arising from their divorce settlement. As the legal proceedings unfold, further updates are anticipated in the case.

Stay tuned for additional developments as Kevin Hunter seeks resolution regarding his severance payments amid his divorce from Wendy Williams.

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