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Boosie Badazz Reacts to Playboi Carti’s Viral Fashion Choice



Boosie Badazz isn’t one to hold back his opinions, especially when it comes to other rappers’ choices. Recently, he couldn’t resist commenting on the viral photos of Playboi Carti sporting what appeared to be a thong peeking out from his pants. While some found the images amusing, Boosie took to Instagram Live to share his thoughts on Carti’s fashion statement.

Addressing the situation, Boosie expressed his confusion over Carti’s attire, questioning the rapper’s decision to wear what seemed like a thong. Despite the garment being a piece from Rick Owens’ collaboration with Champion, designed to create the illusion of a thong, Boosie couldn’t help but wonder about Carti’s motives. “You mean to tell me a man put a thong up his a** and not think about being a female?” Boosie pondered during his Live session.

Boosie also speculated about Carti’s personal life, suggesting that jealousy over his famous ex, Iggy Azalea, might have influenced his fashion choice. Boosie mused about whether Carti felt competitive after seeing Iggy’s success on platforms like OnlyFans, where she showcases her figure. “Did you get mad and go into competition? How did you go from looking at Iggy in a thong to putting one on?” Boosie questioned.

In addition to his thoughts on Carti’s wardrobe, Boosie couldn’t help but ponder another topic on his mind: Diddy’s recent legal troubles. Boosie expressed surprise that none of Diddy’s friends had spoken up in his defense amid the troubling allegations he’s facing.

As always, Boosie Badazz isn’t shy about sharing his candid opinions, stirring conversation among fans and followers alike.

What are your thoughts on Boosie Badazz’s reaction to Playboi Carti’s fashion choice? Do you agree with his perspective? Share your views in the comments below.

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