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Killer Mike Defends Political Stance: ‘Don’t Lie on Me’



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Killer Mike has firmly stated that he will not tolerate false portrayals of his political beliefs, particularly when it comes to his engagement with Georgia’s governor.

During his appearance on The View on Monday (February 12), the Grammy-winning rapper addressed questions about his supposed support for GOP governor Brian Kemp, posed by host Sunny Hostin.

Hostin expressed her disillusionment when Killer Mike showed support for Kemp, who emerged victorious over Stacey Abrams in the election. However, the Run The Jewels artist swiftly corrected what he perceived as a misrepresentation of his politics.

“Not support of Kemp,” he clarified. “That’s some misinformation. You can not like me, but don’t lie on me.”

He continued, emphasizing his commitment to transparency: “He’s the governor of my state, I have to be involved with him. I can’t divorce myself. But let me say this, if you criticize someone, don’t lie. Don’t say I didn’t support [Stacey] Abrams because I did.”

Killer Mike reaffirmed his track record of support for Democratic candidates and community activism, highlighting his efforts to elect Democratic officials at various levels of government. He also defended his engagement with Kemp, asserting the necessity of communication with those in positions of power for the betterment of his community.

This interaction echoes past instances where Killer Mike has faced backlash for engaging with Governor Kemp. Despite criticism, he has consistently maintained his stance, emphasizing the importance of civic engagement and accountability in Georgia’s political landscape.

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