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JT of City Girls Engages in Twitter Spree Defending Solo Tour Amid Criticism



City Girls’ rapper JT has taken to Twitter today, unleashing a flurry of tweets ranging from lighthearted jokes to confrontational responses. Among her posts, one standout quip involved teasing Lil Uzi Vert about finally “getting a job,” referencing her upcoming solo tour.

With her solo tour set to kick off imminently, JT has found herself fielding criticisms and defending her creative choices. In a now-private tweet, a fan questioned JT’s repertoire, suggesting she only had “three songs” as a solo artist. JT swiftly countered, highlighting her extensive catalog of City Girls tracks and urging critics to recognize her music’s worth.

This isn’t the first time JT has faced scrutiny over her tour plans. Another fan criticized the venues she’s scheduled to perform at, prompting JT to deliver a sharp retort, justifying her selection of bars and clubs for performances.

JT’s penchant for engaging in online spats is well-documented, with many attempting to provoke responses by baiting her with hateful comments.

Last year, City Girls dropped their album RAW, featuring JT’s solo track “No Bars,” which became a fan favorite. With JT’s robust response to criticisms about her tour and her solo material, opinions are divided. Are you intrigued by JT’s rebuttals, or do you plan to catch her on tour later this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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