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Bobbi Althoff Pays Funny Marco $20K for Mentorship; Controversy Erupts Over Exchange



In a recent exchange between Bobbi Althoff and Funny Marco, Althoff reportedly shelled out $20,000 for mentorship from the comedian. While some online voices argue the payment is justified, citing Althoff’s alleged style appropriation, others express shock at Marco’s skepticism, especially given past interview dramas.

The video clip of their interaction has sparked a heated debate online. Some commentators argue that Althoff’s adoption of Marco’s comedic style justifies the financial transaction. However, Marco’s cautious approach, questioning whether the money exchange is a setup, reflects his wariness, possibly stemming from previous interview controversies involving G Herbo and Southside.

However, discernible differences arise when comparing Althoff’s recent interviews with Marco to her past viral encounters with celebrities like Drake, Shaq, and Offset. Criticism has emerged regarding Althoff’s perceived shift towards a more affable demeanor with white interviewees compared to her trademark deadpan style in previous engagements. While maintaining her composure in interviews with figures like Scarlett Johansson, Althoff’s standoffish approach, which previously fueled engagement, appears less pronounced.

In other news, Althoff has reportedly finalized her divorce from husband Corey, as per TMZ reports. The couple seeks joint legal and physical custody of their two children, covering their respective attorney fees. Allegedly, the divorce stems from Althoff’s sudden rise to fame conflicting with her husband’s preference for a more private life. Despite rumors linking Althoff romantically with Drake, which she vehemently denies, both parties assert that the divorce is unrelated to these speculations.

Although Althoff has issued a preliminary statement regarding the divorce, further details remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, her return to work signals her determination to navigate through personal challenges amid her professional endeavors.

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