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Lil Wayne Unveils His Favorite JAY-Z Verse on YG’s 4HUNNID Podcast



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Lil Wayne has once again showered praise on JAY-Z, this time by revealing his all-time favorite verse by the rap icon.

Making an appearance on YG’s latest 4HUNNID Podcast, the New Orleans native participated in a segment dubbed “Keep It 4HUNNID.” Amidst the series of questions, including inquiries about favorite female rappers and ideal studio session timings, Wayne was asked to pick between JAY-Z and The Notorious B.I.G. Without hesitation, he simply stated, “Hov still here.”

Pressed further on his admiration for JAY-Z, Wayne disclosed his favorite verse by the rap mogul. “My favorite verse from Hov is from a song called ‘Lucky Me.’ It was from In My Lifetime, Vol. 1,” he shared.

Wayne famously paid homage to JAY-Z’s “Lucky Me” by reciting rhymes from the track on their collaborative effort “Mr. Carter” from 2008’s Tha Carter III.

In a previous interview with Rolling Stone, Wayne elaborated on his affinity for JAY-Z’s 1997 album, expressing that he even has lyrics from the record inked on his body. “That album stuck with me for real, for real,” he said.

During his appearance on YG’s podcast, Wayne also touched on the potential for a Hot Boys reunion tour. While he confirmed willingness from fellow members Juvenile and Turk, he indicated that logistical hurdles remain, particularly with regards to B.G.’s recent release from prison and Juvenile’s mobility. However, Wayne emphasized that the desire for a reunion is there, pending the resolution of these logistical challenges.

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