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DaBaby Throws Jordan Sneakers to the Curb for Deion Sanders’ New Kicks



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DaBaby recently took to Instagram to share his excitement over receiving a pair of Deion Sanders’ new “Coach Prime” Nike sneakers, playfully kicking his Jordan kicks to the curb in the process.

In an unboxing video posted on Tuesday (February 13), the North Carolina rapper expressed gratitude to Sanders for always checking in on him and ensuring his well-being. However, he made a light-hearted jab at basketball legend Michael Jordan, admitting that while he respects Jordan, he never received any free kicks from him.

“Hey OG – I appreciate ya always checking in, making sure my head’s in the right space,” DaBaby remarked before explaining his preference for Prime’s sneakers over Jordan’s.

“Yo public service announcement. I rock with MJ. I fuck with MJ but he ain’t never sent me shit,” he said while removing his Js. “At the Hornets games when the players will come and I had my courtside seats, y’all ain’t never let me shoot the ball.”

DaBaby’s cheeky gesture sparked a positive response from fans, with one suggesting that Deion Sanders’ gift signifies his return from being “cancelled” following controversial remarks he made at Rolling Loud Miami in 2021.

The cancellation had significant repercussions for the rapper, with DaBaby revealing in a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast that the incident cost him a staggering $200 million. However, he also expressed gratitude for the experience, acknowledging it as a transformative period that led to self-reflection and personal growth.

“In hindsight, that parked me,” DaBaby reflected. “Who is to say where I would be mentally and spiritually had I not been forced to sit my ass down and self-reflect?” he added, emphasizing his newfound sense of contentment and gratitude for the lessons learned during that challenging time.

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